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    APSI is a minority and veteran owned service company that provides analysis/design, scientific software development, test engineering and facilities operations/maintenance, information technologies as well as IPC standards certification. APSI was incorporated on March 27, 1998 as a small disadvantaged business and received Small Business Administration 8(a) certification on November 30, 1998.

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    Front Turbine Engine (FTE)

    The purpose of the research in this report was to determine the feasibility of a Front Turbine Engine Concept (FTEC) over a flight range from takeoff to Mach 5. Part of this effort included identifying the technology requirements for each of the components, and conducting a preliminary design of the front turbine configuration.

    A Front Turbine Engine Concept computer simulation model was developed to conduct cycle simulations. The FTE cycle simulations were performed using the NASA Navy Engine Performance (NNEP) computer code. Aerodynamic data for each of the components were generated using state-of-the-art technology. The engine is sized to meet the thrust requirements of SR71J58 engine. Systems simulations were conducted at the design point operation (sea level static) to first match components for this operating condition. Once the components were matched for the design condition, off-design simulations were conducted over the complete flight spectrum from take off to Mach 5 flight conditions. The simulations were conducted for a one and two spool Configuration. Various changes were made to the cycle so as to use state-of-the-art components everywhere in the engine except for the front turbine.

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